Pengaruh Dana Simpanan Pihak Ketiga Terhadap Pemberian Kredit Pada PD. Bank BPR Serang

Bank is as an intermediary institution between people with lot of fund and short of funds. Then the main business of Bank is mainly about activities within credit sector of distribution of such funding. The aim from this research influence performance appraisal and how big the influence found from credits on Bank BPR Serang.
Research method which writer use is descriptive assosiative method aim to elaborate or give describe about the nature or characteristic from certain phenomenon and verifikatife/kausal method for analyzing relation between one variable with other variable or how to influence another variable with use statistic.
Data analysis use instrumrnt test, and hypotesis test, pursuant to result and calculation of statistic, known that quation of linier regression Y=18.392 + 1.301 X, correlation coefficient value (R) = 0.949 .....

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